Hair Extensions

I am a certified hair extension expert. At your free consultation, we will discuss your hair needs and find a solution that fits your unique lifestyle. Call me today - discover the extension that's perfect for you!

My clients have experienced more self confidence and a sense of pride within. They feel beautiful. They look the way they have always wanted to.  What a great feeling that would be!

I have several hair extensions applications and one will work perfectly with your hair and give you your desired results!

At your free consultation I will give you all the information you need to have the hair of dreams…very soon.

Click the titles below to learn more about the hair extensions I offer.

Instant Hair Extensions-Halo Couture

You can have gorgeous thick hair extensions in an instant!

Halo comes in several solid and mixed colors that will blend naturally with your own hair. This extension has 100 grams of remy human hair and will add tons of volume and length.
If you want something you can wear everyday or for a special occasion... Halo is for you!

Micro Hair Extensions

Perfect for thinning hair!

Micro Hair Extensions can fill in areas that have gotten thinner due to hair loss.  You would be amazed how much coverage you can achieve with micro extensions.  The point of attachment is so fine they are totally undetectable.  In just one application of micro extensions you will have more confidence knowing you look your best and other people will notice too.

Ultratress II

Luxurious Hair In Under 2 Hours

Ultratress Hair ExtensionsUltratress Hair Extensions can do what any hair extension method can do, however, they are a different type of hair extension.  The Ultratress process is simpler and easier to perform than the strand by strand hair extension procedure.  Ultratress can be installed in about 2 hours and that saves you money.

They are seamless and lay flat against the head.  These extensions work spectacular on fine fragile hair.  You get tons of volume that are hard to achieve on fine hair with the strand by strand application.  My clients that are wearing the Ultratress ll Hair Extensions absolutely love them.  Ultratress ll can be worn up to 3 to 4 months with NO damage to your natural hair.  Have a special occasion coming up and you want to look amazing on that special day?  Ultratress ll Hair Extensions will make you stand out in a crowd and everyone saying, “Wow, you have never looked better and your hair… I would give anything to have hair like yours!”

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Cinderella Hair Extensions

The Finest Hair Extensions Available Today

They consist of 100% Remy human hair that uses a patented organic protein bond. The bond attachment resembles your hair giving you a secure attachment without comprising the integrity of our own natural hair. This strand by strand method is secured safely to your own hair which provides movement in any direction you choose. Cinderella Hair Extensions will not harm the condition of your own hair and can stay in your hair anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Cinderella hair stays silky and shiny washing after washing.

Cinderella comes in dozens of shades so you are guaranteed a perfect blend with your own natural color. You are also able to add dramatic color results with several two toned hairstrands and dramatic fantasy colors. There is something for everyone.

Cinderella also  offers:

  • I-tip hair extensions
  • Seamless hair extensions
  • Clip-in hair extensions

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Jan is a Certified Cinderella Extension Stylist!

Babe Hair Extensions

Long-lasting, Silky, Tangle Free Hair

They specialize in 100% remy human hair extensions that are applied without using heat.  Hair is attached with super adhering tape or beads.  The greatest benefit is they can be reapplied more than once.  Depending on client's hair care they can last many months.  These hair extensions due require regular maintenance to reattach the hair extension to the client's natural hair.  Cuticle is intact which gives the extension a long lasting silky texture and tangle free.

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Ultra Strands

30 Colors To Perfectly Blend with Your Natural Hair

Ultrastrands revolutionary multiple strands application technology reduces stress on your own hair. This application method also allows you greater styling options and is a virtually seamless transition. UltraStrands are handmade hair extensions using 100% Remy Hair.  They are available in 30 beautiful colors giving you many natural-looking styling options.  UltraStrands hot fusion application method provides a seamless transition when blended and styled into your natural hair.

100% Remy human hair and are available in 30 beautiful colors giving you many natural-looking styling options.   A hot fusion application method surpassed by none.

Ultra Links

Chemical-Free Style and Dimension

Ultra Links Hair ExtensionsUltraLinks are the way to go when adding length and volume to natural hair and a safe alternative to chemical-free highlights and lowlights adding color dimension with unlimited possibilities.   This is a superior choice for those who already have stressed or damaged hair due to chemical services.  Superior 100% Remi Human Hair that come in an array of beautiful colors.

UltraLinks are placed in the hair without using heat of any kind or a product that penetrates the hair shaft.  And guess what…you can reuse UltraLinks!  Maintenance is easy and the adjustment time is much less than other hair extension methods.  Ultralinks have 5 color links to blend naturally with your natural hair near the scalp making them undectable.

Did I mention they are also environmentally friendly?  Who doesn’t love that?

REMOVE IT….REUSE IT…it’s that easy with UltraLink Hair Extensions.

Capelli Italian Hair Extensions

Luxurious Hair in Different Textures

Capelli Hair Extensions Italian style is imported 100% remy human hair that delivers superior results .  Their quality control and naturals colors guarantees a completely natural blending with your natural hair.  Remains luxuriously silky and tangle free.  Comes in natural straight, curly and spiral curls up to 20 inches in length.

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Hair and Compounds

If you have very fine hair and looking for a safe and completely natural look this is the hair for you!

Remains soft and silky throughout wearing time.  Comes in fusion method, cylinder attachments.  Their polymer bonds are tiny and long wearing. Comes in a variety of natural colors and blended colors.  Some of the best extensions out there!

Cylinder Hair Extensions

Cylinder hair extensions work best on medium to coarse hair texture.  A safe bonding method and are resusable  I carry several brands that can be applied with a cylinder or bead attachments.

Tape Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless extensions are very popular and can add fullness and length in half the time as other extension methods.  They do require regular maintenance but are reusable over several months. My clients love them.

Top Piece Hair Extension

This Top Extension was designed for women who have very thinning hair on the crown of the head.  Using this extension combined with standard extensions you can have gorgeous hair that looks natural and super comfortable.